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    Development, manufacture and service of industrial valves

    For chemical and petrochemical industries as well as heat and nuclear energy industries

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    Manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic

    Extensive modernisation of manufacturing plant from 2011 to 2013

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    Design and Development Department

    Customized modification and development of industrial valves

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    Service Department

    Expert technical support and service of industrial valves

Welcome to the website of ARAKO, a Czech manufacturer of industrial valves. The company operates in the development, manufacture, service and sale of industrial valves. The most important industries include classic and nuclear energy industries as well as gas, chemical and petrochemical industries.

ARAKO follows in the long-term tradition of engineering production of many predecessors. The most important of them include Minerva (producing world-famous sewing machines from 1881 to 1953 except for the period of the Second World War), Armaturka Minerva Opava (later Sigma Opava; giving birth to the manufacture of industrial valves for nuclear energy industry in former Czechoslovakia). Due to the privatisation of a part of that enterprise, ARAKO was established in 1992.

Arako has successfully completed the first stage of acceptance of pipeline fittings for Kudankulam NPP Units 3 and 4. The acceptance was attended by representatives of the customer and end user.
Slovak Republic
Czech Republic