About us


We are a Czech manufacturer of industrial valves for both nuclear and thermal power plants, chemical and petrochemical plants. We specialize on production of nuclear valves. We are building on a more than 70-year tradition of development and production in Opava, connected with the SIGMA and Minerva. We were at the birth of the first nuclear valves for power engineering in the then Czechoslovakia. Since then, we have undergone many innovations and production expansions, which have also contributed to our expanding portfolio of valves and services.

Customer satisfaction is our priority number one. We are trying to make ARAKO spol. s .r.o. to be seen more as a supplier of quality industrial valves, which is capable of production and supply of industrial valves according to current demand on global market. The proof is not only the regular deliveries of nuclear valves to the primary circuits of power plants, but above all long-term partnerships.

We provide complex service in the field of development and production of long-life industrial valves, guarantee and post-guarantee service, valves overhauls and technical support of experienced professionals.

About half of our team has been working with us more than 10 years and our experts meet the qualifications according to European and Russian standards.


We specialize in the production of valves for nuclear energetics and today we have dozens of references from both the nuclear power plants and thermal power plants, chemical, petrochemical and gas industries. Except nuclear valves, we offer a wide portfolio of industrial valves made of carbon, alloy and stainless steel, which we supply to more than 25 countries around the world.