We offer our customers a wide range of services in the sphere of warranty service and after-warranty service.
We pay necessary attention to valves and solve any sign of their problems in time. We extend their service life and improve the reliability of the whole pipeline system.



Service operations on the site of valve installation in the Czech Republic or surrounding European countries:

  • Disassembly and assessment of real state
  • Renewal of sealing surfaces using mobile lapping jigs
  • Complete cleaning and corrosion removal
  • Replacement of assembling parts and bolting
  • Replacement of all packings/gaskets (packing, dividing plane)
  • Reassembly and operation test
  • Possibility of preparing the surface and applying a lacquer system


Complete overhauls at ARAKO:

  • Disassembly and assessment of real state
  • Material loss measurement with respect to pressure and temperature system
  • Repair of sealing surfaces by grinding or new hardfacing
  • Replacement of all assembling parts, bolting and packing
  • Corrosion removal, complete cleaning and surface blasting
  • Operation test and pressure test on a testing bench
  • Lacquer system selection according to the manufacturer´s standard with respect to operating characteristics
  • Issuing a test report


Other services offered

  • Repair of sealing surfaces of other manufacturers´valves
  • Adjustment of electric actuators made by ZPA Pečky, Auma, Regada, etc.
  • Pressure tests, including issuing test reports
  • Supply of original replacement parts
  • Design modifications of valves (change in the manner of actuation, additional installation of a limit switch or lock, etc.)
  • Preparation of technological procedures for valve maintenance and minor repairs
  • Consulting services using the experience from nuclear and traditional plants


References selected:

  • Temelín nuclear power plant, Czech Republic
  • Kyjov heating plant, Czech Republic
  • Ethylene unit of Unipetrol Litvínov, Czech Republic
  • PolyComp a.s., Czech Republic
  • Tušimice II power plant, Czech Republic
  • Mochovce nuclear power plant, Slovakia
  • Gdańsk oil terminal, Poland
  • Strakonice heating plant, Czech Republic


Service Department contact:

Tomáš Glabasňa
Service and Sales Technician
Mob.: +420 727 812 410
Phone.: +420 553 694 554