Industrial valve development

We design new solutions. We interconnect individual needs of industrial customers and create a product that meets the requirements for reliability and safety of pipeline systems. Modernisation, innovation and modification of existing production according to customer requirements are a commonplace for the services we offer.



There is a development department in ARAKO. Here designers use latest technologies and software to improve operating properties of existing products. They develop new valves according to new market requirements. In the sphere of nuclear power engineering we continuously work on increasing the safety of products and extending their life cycles.



The most challenging recent development projects include gate valves for the energy industry, outlet valves for operation in nuclear power plants and DN 800 low-pressure gate valves for the petrochemical industry (the largest valves ever made by ARAKO).



During prototype tests and testing of our products, for example, during flow characteristic measurement, earthquake resistance tests or tests at high or low temperatures, we use the capacities of research institutes throughout the Czech Republic but also in Russia or Germany.

Currently we are involved in the S-ALLEGRO research project, of which the goal is to assess possibilities of construction of a GFR reactor in central Europe by 2020. The GFR reactor (Gas Fast Reactor) is being developed as a fourth generation reactor to use gas to cool the reactor core. It will make it possible to close the fuel cycle and to substantially increase the nuclear fuel utilisation.

To meet the goal, a construction of S-ALLEGRO experimental helium loop is being prepared, for which ARAKO will supply special valves for nuclear power engineering to Nuclear Research Institute in Prague-Řež.