The most interesting design of the High-Pressure Gate Valve S43 in 2022

ln 2022, we manufactured and delivered 4 pieces of High-Pressure Forged Gate Valves S43 ON 250/200 PN 400 with external by-pass in counterflange design via the customer RKG Energietechnik GmbH. The High-Pressure Forged Gate Valves S43 will be installed in the piping system, for water and steam media, at an operating temperature of up to 500 °C and pressures of 150 and 400 bar.

We started manufacturing High-Pressure Forged Gate Valves S43 in 2012 in response to the latest trends in the energy industry and today they are installed in a number of conventional power plants and industrial facilities in various countries such as Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

lt is not unusual for us to deal with special customer design requirements and we routinely make design modifications to our existing products according to customer requirements.


For the gate valve body was used a forging made of material 1. 7715, into which a flexible wedge was inserted through the self-sealing bonnet. The sealing surfaces of the seat rings, which are pressed into the body and secured by welding, as well as the sealing surfaces of the wedge, were coated with Stellite 6. There is a precision guide between the body and the wedge to ensure that the wedge fits precisely into the body. The sealing of the bonnet and gasket was solved by means of special graphite seals.


The protection of the pressure increase in the intermediate space of the body was solved by making an external double by-pass DN 25 with connection to the central part (space above the wedge). For external by-passes, were used two High-Pressure Shut-Off Globe Valves V46.2 ON25 PN 400 made of material 1.7715 and operated by elektric actuator AUMA type SA 10.2-F10-B1 (400 V).

The construction length of the High-Pressure Forged Gate Valve S43 with counterflanges was 1,717 mm and is operated by an AUMA electric actuator type SA14.6. For connection to the piping system, the forged gate valves were specially modified for the version with counterflanges DN 200 PN 400 of material 1.7715 according to standard EN 1092-1 with weld ends 323.9×45.

Visual inspection, dimensional inspection, cleanliness inspection, preservation, coating, X-ray testing and capillary testing were carried out throughout the manufacturing process of the forged gate valves S43. Furthermore, the forged gate valve S43 was water tested for strength, leak tightness, closure tightness and functionality according to standard EN 12266-1, 2.

Thanks to the cooperation of business, design, technology and of course manufacture, the High-Pressure Forged Gate Valves S43 was successfully delivered to the full satisfaction of the customer.


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