ARAKO supplied valves to Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plant

Friday, 30 september 2016

At the beginning of August, the sixth energy block of the Russian nuclear power plant Novovoronezh with reactor VVER-1200 was connected to the network. This is the first generation III+ reactor in the Word to supply power to the grid.

ARAKO has also its share on construction of new Novovoronezh units, it has been supplying its special nuclear valves for both units for several years.” During the project realization of the unit 6 between 2011 and 2015, we delivered more than 9 thousand valves in the total value of about 232 million roubles. Furthermore, there were already been signed contracts for unit 7 deliveries, counting about 5 thousand pieces of valves at estimated value of 136 million roubles,“ said Alexei Vasilyev, representative of the ARAKO subsidiary, adding that almost half of the pieces for the 7th unit has been already dispatched. „Up to this day, there is roughly 2 thousand pieces of valves to supply, particularly shut-off bellows-sealed globe valves, complying with the highest safety standards together with their lifetime requirements.”

The contract between mother company ATOMENERGOMASH and ATOMENERGOPROJEKT signed back in 2010 guaranteed valve supplies for new units at Novovoronezh NNP. ARAKO was enabled to take such a great oportunity, joining the project in its very beginning and consult all technical parametres to meet the main designer´s requirements for all implemented systems including valves. With launching the sixth unit at Novovoronezh, work lasting for several years was completed, during that ARAKO proved itself not only as a supplier of valves, but mainly as a knowledgeable partner for the construction of nuclear power plants of the Russian type worldwide.

For information:

Construction of Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plant began in 1957. It began to supply power to the grid in 1964. The power plant is equipped with prototypes of several series of VVER reactors, whose development it served for. Up to August 2016, the plant had three operating reactors and two that are being decommissioned. The latest innovative new generation III+ reactor was launched on August 5th, 2016. Considering its recent start up testing, the reactor’s capacity of 240 MWe at present time is to be gradually increased to its full capacity of 1200 megawatts.

The contractor, Rosatom corporation, is currently one of the most powerful suppliers of nuclear power plants worldwide and their highest future ambitions are VVER-1200 reactor developments planned in Finland, Hungary and Turkey. They would also like to break into Great Britain.