Special design of the shut-off valve V46.2 have been delivered to Sweden

Tuesday, 10 august 2021

In mid-July, we delivered 54 pieces of High-Pressure Shut-off Valves V46.2 DN 25 PN 160 in the basic version with a handwheel for the CHP plants Tidaholms. The interesting thing about this order was that in addition to the standard flanged and weld ends design, we produced special design variants and combinations for the customer. These included, for example, a design in combination of a weld ends and flanged ends with a counter flanged ends, a flanged ends design with counter flanged ends, or a set of 2 pieces of combined high-pressure shut-off valves V46.2.

This valve is mainly used in power engineering, chemical industry and other industries where the functionality is required at high pressures and temperatures. The shut-off valve ensures 100% tightness of the closure. The control design with a profile closing element, usually of a parabolic shape, serves to throttle the working medium on the basis of specific flow parameters of the working substance. Valve bodies are made of forged materials. Because of a longer service life, the hard facing of disc and body is provided with the hard metal of the type Stellite 6th.

You can see more about the product and its design options in our product video.