ARAKO successfully demonstrated compliance with supplier requirements for Akkuyu NPP in Turkey

Friday, 25 august 2023

On 14 – 16 August 2023, our company conducted a customer audit of the AKKUYU NPP project to check the quality assurance of the supply of valves for the construction of the machine rooms of Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Akkuyu NPP in Turkey.


For three days, the auditors checked our set processes of project management, purchasing, quality assurance in production process, welding and other guidelines and standards of our company. Identification and traceability throughout the product manufacturing process was checked.


In the final evaluation, TITAN2 IC İÇTAŞ İNŞAAT A. Ş representatives stated that ARAKO has fully demonstrated its capability to meet the requirements for the supply of valves for Akkuyu NPP. The company’s very good audit readiness, audit organization, demonstrated sophisticated documented system and staff expertise were evaluated.


At the audit, employees at all levels of the organization demonstrated their quality approach to the activities performed with regard to the quality of products and services, the environment and the safety of themselves and their co-workers, and we hereby also thank them for having actively participated with us in the positive outcome of the audit.

About the Akkuyu Project

Turkey is strengthening its energy mix with the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant


The decision to build the plant with VVER-1200 Generation III+ reactors was made in May 2010 and Akkuyu Nükleer was established in December 2010 to build Turkey’s first nuclear power plant. The Akkuyu nuclear power plant is being built on the Mediterranean coast in the southern part of Turkey in the Gülnar region of Mersin province and is the country’s first nuclear power plant. The plant will have a total of four VVER-1200 Generation III+ reactors, each with a capacity of 1,114 MW.


Our valves from our existing production for the nuclear power industry will be supplied for this project, as well as the innovative Gate Valve S38  and the innovative High-Pressure Shut-off GLobe Valve V46.2, including new valves on which we are working with JSC OKAN.


The construction of the plant is being built according to the BOO (build-own-operate) model. Thus, Akkuyu Nükleer designs, builds and will operate, maintain and eventually decommission the nuclear units in the future. The classic practice is that the designer and contractor is a different company from the owner and operator.  Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant is the first nuclear power plant to be built under the BOO model and all four units are expected to be commissioned in phases from 2023 to 2026.