Meeting of Former Employees ARAKO 2016

Wednesday, 8 june 2016

For the first time in a modern history of the company ARAKO spol. s r.o., a Meeting of Former Employees was held at the headquarters of the company in Opava. The event organized by ARAKO for “its” pensioners on May 31st was attended by over 30 seniors.

The former workers of ARAKO were welcomed by a representative of the company´s top management, Production Director Jaromir Petřkovský. He thanked the participants for accepting invitations and confirmed that the company valued their contribution as well as that it was still interested in their experience and knowledge.

The main points of the three-hour program were a presentation of the contemporary enterprise ARAKO and a tour of the company´s manufacturing shops. The final hour was devoted to friendly meetings.

“The atmosphere was great during the whole morning! Our seniors welcomed the opportunity to learn what the company, in which they had worked for a long time, currently looked like and what news were there in their former place of work” Pavlina Koligová, Personnel Director of ARAKO commented the event adding: “We received a very positive feedback and I believe that the meeting will become a tradition.”