We weld with an electron beam

Wednesday, 20 january 2021

For the manufacture of our valves we use a very powerful method of welding using an electron beam, which is widely used in the field of aerospace and astronautics.

Electron beam welding is a fusion welding process in which the kinetic energy of flying electrons (on impact at the surface of the welded material) changes to heat. The generated heat energy is used to heat the welded parts and the welding process usually takes place without additional material. This method of welding enables concentration of high power into a small volume of material. This brings a number of possibilities that cannot be achieved by other means of heating (with the exception of laser). The source of electrons is an electron gun. A high vacuum at the welding site is necessary for this welding.

The ability of an electron beam to penetrate with a considerable speed (in the order of dozens of cm / s) to a considerable depth (even dozens of cm) under certain conditions is a feature that distinguishes it most from standard welding methods and brings valuable advantages and possibilities.

  • very good weld appearance
  • narrow heat-affected weld area
  • minimal deformation
  • refining effects of vacuum
  • one-pass welding
  • weldability of a wide range of materials
  • possibility to weld material combinations that are not weldable by other methods