High-pressure shut-off globe valve V30/V40

– high-pressure shut-off globe valve (V30) and high-pressure shut-off globe valve with regulating disc (V40)
– rotating rising stem
– straight pattern body
– sealing face: hardface 13Cr or Stellite 6
– non-asbestos gland packing and gasket
– meets requirements of regulation 2014/68/EU, EN 13709
– testing according to EN 12266-1

Design options:
– non-rotating rising stem
– regulating disc (for rough regulation) – V40
– butt welding ends and flanges dimensions acc. to customer request
– with inside by-pass (lightweight disc) for DN 65–150
– couplings from forged steel – on request
– position indicator
– limit switches
– without oil and grease
– locking device
– according to AD 2000-Merkblatt HP 0, TRD 110, TRD 201, GOST-R



-10–550 °C

water, steam, gas, oil, crude oil products, non-aggressive and aggressive substances

1.4408, 1.7357, 1.0619 / special materials on request: A216WCB

flanges, butt welding ends, combined

handwheel, gearbox, electric actuator, ISO top flange prepared for pnematic or hydraulic actuator, remote control