ARAKO has delivered its special product to Japan and Pakistan

Wednesday, 30 september 2020

Through Siemens Gas and Power Gmbh&Co, the largest technology company, we delivered 8 pieces of Blow-Out and Pickling Device with a total value of EUR 324,000 in June and September this year. These special products, developed at ARAKO, were then handed over to Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd in Japan and the Jamshoro Coal Power Plant in Pakistan.

ARAKO special product – Blow-Out and Pickling Device, has been newly designed and modified this year to better meet Siemens Gas and Power requirements. In the months of June and September, we exported special equipment for the construction of the Jamshoro Coal Power Plant in Pakistan and for the construction of a Waste Incinerator in Japan.

As a matter of interest

The 1320 MW Jamshoro Coal Power Station will be the first coal power station in Pakistan scheduled for commissioning in 2023. The power plant is located in Jamshoro in Sindh Province. The project is being developed by Jamshoro Power Company Limited (JPCL) with an estimated investment of USD 1.5 billion.