Permanently sustainable development means for us to act in the interest of the future generations – with respect to economic development, the environment, society and every individual. Due to our own business, we create jobs, contribute to the development of the Czech industry and, due to the export to many countries of the world, to a promotion of its reputation beyond the frontiers of the Czech Republic.



We take care of our employees and their working environment. Health and safety at work are our priorities. We continuously improve the conditions for a safe work at individual places of work.

ARAKO has established Safety Culture based on the following principles:

  • Efficient communication
  • Awareness of consequences of one´s own work
  • Znalosti vlastních pracovních postupů a odpovědností
  • Knowledge of one´s own working procedures and responsibilities
  • Knowledge of limitations and limits of one´s own working activities
  • Systematic order



In the same responsible manner we treat the environment. During the production of products and services we are considering their environmental impacts. As a large manufacturer we can affect the quality of the environment so we strictly adhere to all legal and other obligatory regulations in respect of, for example, sources of air pollution, chemical agent treatment, etc. We sort wastes and it is a commonplace for us to prevent energies and resources from wasting.



We require our colleagues to apply a responsible approach defined by Ethical Code. We appreciate a honest behaviour. We treat our customers, suppliers and competitors decently and fairly. Our employees are aware of the fact that they represent a company of international importance.