We have been operating in the market of industrial valves for more than 60 years. The quality of our products is certified by internationally recognised organisations. However, the best evidence of the ARAKO´s production quality consists in our customers´ references – the repeated supplies of valves for primary circuits of nuclear power plants in particular.

The high level of quality of the company´s own products and services offered is a part of the company´s corporate culture. It is assured not only by the existence of a separate department authorised to manage quality but, in particular, a great responsibility of all the company´s employees.



The ARAKO´s quality management system has already been certified according to the ISO 9001 standard since 1995. The certification was conducted and the certificate was issued by the renowned organisation TÜV SÜD Management Service.


One of the crucial documents for establishing the principles and rules of ARAKO´s business is Quality Policy. It includes the top management´s obligations to lead and manage the company to a long-term growth and prosperity as well as a description of expectations in respect of the company´s own employees.

It also defines a goal to manufacture and supply industrial valves, laying emphasis on a high technical level, quality, safety and reliability. All that is done with respect of the needs and expectations of customers, of whom the satisfaction is foremost.


The experts who supervise the quality of products and services offered have long-term experience and educate themselves further in the relevant field. ARAKO is equipped with control mechanisms at all levels of the manufacturing process:

  • receiving inspection of materials, semi-products and assembling parts,
  • mechanical and laboratory tests (tensile test, impact bending test, hardness, roughness, metallography),
  • non-destructive tests (X-ray and gamma-ray testing, ultrasonic and dye-penetrant tests, sonar and paraffin tests, helium leakage tests and visual inspection),
  • in-process and final inspection of parts,
  • assembly inspection and valve pressure tests,
  • product final inspection.