The Atomenergomash (AEM) group is a machinery division of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom – a leading company in the sphere of nuclear and traditional energy industries in Russia. It is a supplier of complete solutions, including design, manufacture, deliveries, installation, engineering and service of equipment for nuclear and thermal power plants as well as for gas and petrochemical industries.

It merges more than 30 companies from Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Hungary. The AEM´s goal is to establish a company being able to compete worldwide in the sphere of power engineering with a strong portfolio of products and services.

The unique manufacturing possibilities, strong scientific and research basis and rich professional experience are essentials for a success and a stable development of the AEM group.



  • AEM merges more than 30 scientific/research, engineering, manufacturing, service and installation companies.
  • AEM products and equipment are installed in 22 countries worldwide.
  • AEM products and equipment are used by 13 % of nuclear power plants worldwide and 40 % of thermal power plants in Russia, CIS and Baltic states.
  • The AEM groups employs more than 25 000 staff.
  • AEM is the largest manufacturer of equipment for VVER nuclear reactors.
  • AEM is the only manufacturer of industrial fast reactors worldwide.
  • AEM is the only Russian manufacturer of steam generators for Russian nuclear power plants and vessels for fast reactors.
  • AEM is the only Russian manufacturer of main circulation pumps for all types of Russian reactor.
  • AEM is one of the Russian largest manufacturers of utilisation boilers for mean- and high-power steam-gas power plants.
  • AEM has manufactured more than 100 steam generators for nuclear power plants equipped with VVER-440 reactors and more than 300 steam generators for nuclear power plants equipped with VVER-1000 reactors. The total of 90 generating blocks produces more than 66 GW of electric power.